My first mystery novel.

Hey everyone !’m really excited that my first mystery novel is about to be published Oct. 13 by Camel Press.

You can pre-order it on Amazon here.

It’s the first in a three-book series! Here’s the description:

Max Rosen always said the diamond business isn’t about sorting the gems, it’s about sorting the people. His daughter Mimi is about to learn that some people, like some diamonds, can have serious flaws.

Out of options—and money—unemployed journalist Mimi Rosen goes to work for her father’s gem company in New York’s Diamond District, though Mimi and her tradition-bound dad don’t always get along. 

After Mimi’s diamond-dealer cousin Yosef is murdered—seemingly for his $4 million pink diamond—Mimi finds herself in the middle of a massive conspiracy, where she doesn’t know who to trust, or what to believe. Now she must find out the truth about both the diamond and her cousin, before whoever killed Yosef, gets her.

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